What are we calling for?

We want to see changes from central and local government, employers and service providers.


  • introduce adjustment leave to enable parents to stay in work through crises
  • compensate parents for the extra cost of childcare for a disabled child
  • ensure Jobcentre Plus and Work Programme providers offer targeted training, advice and job search support for parents wishing to return to work
  • advertise all public sector jobs on a flexible basis

Local authorities:

  • address the gaps in specialist childcare provision


  • adopt flexible working practices including in job design and advertising

Education, health and social services:

  • plan services to offer greater flexibility to working parents
  • ensure schools have resources to deal with emergencies so parents are not unnecessarily called in

3 thoughts on “What are we calling for?

  1. i am just about to leave my civil service managerial post after twenty two years as there is no childcare provision for my disabled son who has just gone to special high school. the after school club he normally attends are quite happy for him to go there but the special needs transport section , who take children home, have refused to transport him to the club stating they only take children to their home address. I am devastated. have written to david cameron, my mp, head of local authority etc etc, either no reply or cannot help. this is disgraceful. i will now be claiming benefit from the people i used to work for!

  2. Yes, a lot of good problem areas / barriers to parents here – especially around adjustment leave, extra childcare costs, flexible roles in the public sector and specialist childcare (who is willing and able to safely look after my eldest with type 1 diabetes who is on an insulin pump? Not the ave. childminder who wishes to maximise the number of children in their care to max their income – not take on someone required additional supervision and challenging medical issues).
    Sadly I had to leave an band 8 management job in the NHS due to the stresses of supporting young children with additional needs but with insufficient support or flexibility. Although my career at that stage was with the public sector, the ‘flexibility’ there was lip service, my integrity around working hours was questioned, the stress of requesting time off work / later start times etc as Amy points out did create mental agony. It’s impossible to fulfil the demands of employers of ‘career’ jobs if your children need any more than the standard childcare – or even better, family on tap, arrangements. I got too ill to work for a while and now work for a local church organisation which provides the necessary flexibility required for two disabled children – but sadly in an admin job which I am massively overqualified for.

  3. Hope that these changes can be made as I was finished work due to illness but I’d have been in an even worse state of mind than I was with worrying how to deal with everything and the above changes are reasons why I haven’t returned to work as the stress of having to request time off work or later start times, etc; just isn’t worth the mental agony so instead we deal with financial agony.

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